Bethany Kids Resources for the week of January 15, 2023

Bethany Kids Resources for the week of January 15, 2023

Weekly Video Lesson

This week our Sunday School classes continue our study of the life of Christ with a lesson from Matthew 17, Jesus is Transfigured. Check out the video lesson and discussion questions from our Children & Family Minister Daniel Sheaffer below:

Video Discussion Q+A

1) What did Peter, James, and John see when Jesus revealed his glory to them? How does Matthew describe Jesus?

– They saw the glory of Jesus that he hid in his incarnation. They got a glimpse behind the curtain, so to speak, of the glory of God revealed in Jesus the Son. Matthew says Jesus shown like the Sun in its full strength and his clothes became white as light.

2) Who appeared alongside Jesus? Why?

– Moses and Elijah. This was the testimony of two-three witnesses confirming Jesus is who he says he is, and the Law (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah) point to Jesus.

3) What did Peter want to do for Jesus? Why?

–  Peter perhaps wanted to make a tent, or a place for Jesus and Moses and Elijah to dwell, so the glory could stay with them or as a memorial to what had happened.

4) What made the disciples so afraid?

– It was not Jesus being transfixed before them that they were afraid, but when the voice from heaven declared who Jesus was, and it was the same words as his baptism, they were filled with fear.

5) When the vision ended, what did Jesus say to the disciples?

– Jesus told them not to tell anyone about the vision until after he had risen from the dead.

6) What does the vision of Jesus to the 3 disciples have to do with you and me?

– They give us great confidence in who Jesus is. They show us that he is who he said he was. They show us that the glory of God is revealed in the person of Jesus. Paul says the fullness of deity dwells in bodily form in Christ. It confirms the truth of what Jesus claimed, it strengthened the faith of the disciples, and it strengthens our faith as well. It shows us that Jesus is committed to revealing the Father to us, and for us to behold him with unveiled face (2 Cor 3:18) until we see his whole and full glory when he returns.

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