Bethany Kids Resources for the week of September 4, 2022

Bethany Kids Resources for the week of September 4, 2022

Weekly Video Lesson

There is no on-site Sunday School this week, so there is no video lesson this week. We’re all worshipping together outside during one service at 10am. We hope you’ll join us! Check back next week for a new video. Please check out the archives below for previous video content.

We’re excited to worship together on this special Family Worship Emphasis Sunday! In addition to the resources provided here each week, we also have a limited supply of resources available in the church office to help your family make the most out of worship each week. Please stop by to view the resources we’re featuring this month.

Sermon Resources for families

Whether you listen online or in-person, these weekly resources will help your family get the most out of Sunday’s sermon.


This guide is designed to be used one-time during the week as a 10-15 minute family devotion, and requires no prep time! Simply enjoy the opportunity to reflect on the sermon together, pray together, and apply God’s Word as a family.

This week’s guide:


Take notes as you listen to the sermon. Record the main points, keep track of questions, and note unfamiliar words all in a kid-friendly format.

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