Bethany Kids Resources for the week of December 18, 2022

Bethany Kids Resources for the week of December 18, 2022

Weekly Video Lesson

This week our Sunday School classes continue our study of the life of Christ with a lesson from Matthew 1, The King is Adored. Check out the video lesson and discussion questions from our Children & Family Minister Daniel Sheaffer below:

Video Discussion Q+A

1. Where did these wise men come from? How do you think they knew to come looking for The Messiah?

  • They came from the East, most likely Babylon. They possibly knew about the promised King from the influence of Daniel and other Jews who were also a part of the wise men from several hundred years earlier.

2. How did Herod respond to what the wise men told him about the star? How do you think he should have responded?

  • Herod was very troubled and upset because he saw this new king as a threat to his own kingdom. He should have responded by wanting to go with the wise men and to bow down before Jesus too. Jesus was the King that he should have been waiting for in order to welcome with his whole heart.

3. Where did the Chief Priests and Scribes tell Herod the Messiah would be born? Why Bethlehem? What does this teach us about God?

  • They told him the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). Bethlehem was the place where King David was born. The Bible is showing us that Jesus is the King from David’s Line and a King after God’s own heart. He is the right King that God chose. God was faithful down to every detail of his promises. He had the power and the faithfulness to bring about every promise he made. God never breaks his promises.

4. What gifts did the wise men bring to Jesus? What do they show us about who this messiah would be?

  • The wise men brought Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold showed that Jesus had come as a king. Frankincense showed that Jesus had come to be a priest to mediate for his people. Myrrh showed Jesus had come to die as a sacrifice for us.

5. What does the story of the Wise Men show us about the people Jesus came to save?

  • Jesus came to be the King and Savior for all the nations, not just the people of Israel. Anyone who trusts and puts their faith in Jesus as Lord and as Savior gets to become a part of his family.

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