COVID-19 Update for November 14, 2020

COVID-19 Update for November 14, 2020

Greetings Bethany Family!

As Covid-19 spikes in our area we want to encourage you with another update.

First, please pray for the frontline workers who serve those who are sick and hospitalized. We are so very grateful for their sacrificial labors in using their skills to serve families and our community. This is a time of great stress for many of them. Please encourage those in our church family with notes and prayers.

Second, we are presently planning to continue Sunday worship services with the first service being “Elevated Precaution” and the second service being “Mild Precaution”. We are not making any changes in the Sunday morning plan at this time. As this season sees more cases of COVID, we would encourage you again to continue to exercise precaution. While the second service is “mild” in its precaution environment, we would ask that you self-regulate and employ the social distancing or mask precautions that are recommended for the service that you attend. We recognize that you may personally disagree with these precautions, but each person’s participation allows everyone to experience the expectations we have communicated. We ask you to renew your commitment to those precautions as you worship with your church family.

Third, we would continue to encourage you to take the precautions that you think best for your circumstances.This virus does not impact everyone equally. Some are in greater danger from it than others. For you precious members who participate with your church family online, we affirm your choice! You are making a God-honoring decision as you seek the Lord for His wisdom about this. If you have been attending in person and decide during this time of increased COVID-19 to stay home until after the spike has declined, we affirm you!

Fourth, we are thankful that there has not been any evidence that our meeting together has caused the spread of this disease. Yet we realize that this could change, especially during this spike in COVID-19. We believe it is right to continue to meet together even though such a risk exists. If we discover evidence that our meeting together has caused members to become sick, we will tell you about that. Please continue to pray for God’s grace and protection.

We are thankful for each of you! More so than ever before. We also admit to growing weary from this long trial. We long for it to be over. Yet we rejoice in the Lord. His grace IS sufficient!

– The Bethany Leadership Team