What We Believe

What We Believe

We believe the Bible has all the answers to the big issues we face. Life can be difficult, but in the midst of its challenges, a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ provides a new perspective for a joyful living.

We believe that though mankind is the capstone of God’s creation, there is a poison inside us. We see this toxin in the world all around us and also in our own faults and failures. The Bible calls this problem sin. The venom of sin corrupts our hearts and has a dramatic effect on how we treat one another. Primarily, however, sin affects our relationship with our Creator and renders us powerless in our own strength to find peace with God. Many think that compared to others they are “good enough.” But that is not what the Bible teaches. God’s Word says we are separated from Him because of our sin.

Though our prognosis looks terminal, God sent His Son, Jesus, to provide a cure for our disease. Jesus died on a cross, taking our sin on Himself, and He rose on the third day to declare Himself the Giver of Life. God now calls each one of us to repent of our sin and to believe in His Son in order to be rescued from death—sin’s result.

Jesus Christ alone provides the only remedy that removes the corruption of sin and purifies our hearts, restoring a healthy relationship with God. In Jesus Christ, we see there is so much more to life than seeking sinful pleasure, fortune, or fame. God opens our eyes to see the beauty of Jesus Christ so the hunger of our souls can forever be satisfied by Him. God frees us to pursue His purpose with the gifts and talents He gives us. This is the essence of eternal life—a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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